Markets Panel

It is possible to add all stocks composing a market at once. The Markets panel is accessible from the stocks management panel, as shown below.

Note you can manage the list of available Quandl datasets using
Quandl Bases.

To select stocks, select an exchange market, select stocks by checking the small checkbox next to the code, or by pressing “Select All” to select all available stocks in this exchange.
Continue to select the stocks you want, eventually from different markets, then press “Validate” when you are satisfied.

Note there are over 120000 symbols available. It might be tempting to load tens of thousands in the base, and it will actually work if your processor is powerful enough, and you have enough memory. However, consider how easy it is to add and remove stocks from Mastock, and think about what you really need, rather than what you can get.

If you end up with more than 5000 thousands stocks, it’s recommended to break them down in separate portfolios. Mastock does this automatically; for instance, if you select all 900 symbols for “Euronext Paris”, Mastock will create a “Euronext Paris” portfolio and copy the stocks in it. It is important for features like “Sorting” or “Screening” stocks on performance, sorting all MACD values on 900 symbols is fast, the same operation on 20000 stocks, well... is 20 times slower!...

When you select stocks from this panel, Mastock will automatically select the market currency. It will also select the internet provider. preferably Quandl or, either Yahoo, Google if supported, or GoogleQuandl, a special provider compatible with Google and Quandl. In the second case, the number of data points is limited to 200. You can change both the provider and the currency, later on, if you wish.

From experience, on average, 5% of the stocks listed are inactive. In other words, either the company disappeared, or the code changed, or the provider has not updated the raw data for a while. Mastock uses a very simple test, eliminating stocks with no data points over the past two weeks. If a code, important to you, is eliminated, you can first if the code is still the same, look at other providers, and see if you can add it manually.