Sorting panel is accessible through the Tools menu, or the toolbar, or the keyboard shortcut Shift-F.

You can select the scope, a specific Portfolio as well as Day or Week data. The Fetch bar shows the progress fetching the quotes data from the database, into memory for further computation.

Internet update, as the name says, launch the download of the most recent data, for all stocks within the selected portfolio. The “Auto” checkbox makes the update automatic anytime the panel opens. If you have a limited amount of stocks in the database, this might be the right setting. However, if you have a large number of stocks, you don’t necessarily want a new update launched every time; at night, or over a week-end, internet updates might be useless as markets are close.

Select the criteria for sorting using the popup list, select Ascending or Descending....

If you click, in the table, on a stock name, it is displayed on the main charts. In effect, you can use this panel as an alternate menu.

Note the search field at the bottom of the panel. Enter any part of a name or code, and the list will scroll to the right stock containing the combination of characters entered.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.31.17 PM