Flash 61 (July 11th, 2017)

Unfortunately, I had to make a decision. I am stopping the development of the Mastock/iMastock Apps.

In the last flash, I had mentioned an accident in October 2016, with severe consequences. The situation has gotten worse and, end of May, I had to go back to hospital for another surgery. I am still there, trying to see how I can ever walk again, temporarily using an electric wheelchair. Painfully slow process, made of ups and downs. This must be my only focus from now on.

Over the last 6 years, I have invested a lot of time in these Apps, and I am quite proud of the result. I wish one of you, or anybody you know could take over. I would gladly facilitate the transition.

These Apps are complex. We're talking hundreds of thousands lines of codes (SWIFT 3), in hundreds of files. If you're just curious, not serious about it, not having an extensive App development experience, please don't bother… We would lose time.

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