Access through the File, Trade Journal menu

Journal is unique and modal by default. However, in the preferences panel, chart tab, see the option “multiple journals”. When checked, you can display several journals in parallel, each showing a different stock.

You can record notes associated to a stock. What you record is really up to you. Users have expressed the desire to record past experience and ideas for future trades. A color and font panels are available to format your notes the way you like it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.39.48 AM

You can get a few key a few key information on fundamentals for a given company. Remember, Mastock is a technical analysis oriented software. Fundamental informations are extracted from Yahoo Finance sites; they are as reliable, as up to date and as available, as Yahoo makes them so.

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You can look at RSS News

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Finally, for each stock, you can have your trade history.

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Note the journal can be unique and modal, or multiple and detached. In the second case, you can open multiple journals, each pointing on a different stock.