Private Salons

Another trusted member has invited you to join his or her private salon.

A private salon is owned by a member and only accessible on invitation. The number of invitees to a given salon cannot exceed 5.

There might be plenty of reasons for private salons. Among them:
  • People not comfortable with english might want to join a discussion with other members speaking their language
  • People might want to discuss a subject not relevant to the rest of the forum. Talking cooking recipes, or football games is not a problem, however engaging into an illegal activity would be.
  • In a future release, trusted members will be able to exchange files.

Even though the salon is only accessible by invitation, the developer reserves the right to audit. There will be no interference in the discussion, assuming discussion remains legal.

You can decide, at any time, to invite or de-invite any other trusted members. This is your decision and your decision only.